Patrolman Bobby Shisler

In Memory of Bobby Shisler

Bobby Shisler was an all American boy. Born and raised in Deptford, New Jersey, he was a force to be reckoned with from day one. His presence left an everlasting impact on everyone who met him. A man’s man that was truly the last of a dying breed. Those who knew him will forever miss his beautiful smile and contagious laugh.

Bobby worked as a Police Officer for the Deptford Township Police Department for 4 years before his end of watch— May 7, 2023. He graduated from Deptford High School Class of 2014, where he played baseball and football. He played Division 1 baseball at Presbyterian College in South Carolina. He was an avid hunter and enjoyed the outdoors. Bobby had a passion for weight lifting and won his first bodybuilding competition in 2021.

For the rest of our days, we promise him there will never be a day that goes by where we don’t remind the world of his existence. A grief that never ends, is a love that never dies.

– Written by Ashley Shisler, Bobby’s Sister
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